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Brooklyn Bumblebee 
returned to Coney Island
for the June 2011 Mermaid Parade...To Protect.

June 2011                                                                                                                                  - Aaron Sagers

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade
is the largest Art Parade
 in the U.S. and the most fun summer event in NYC.
A Big Thanks for all who expressed concern...and for all the water!

Brooklyn-Bee wouldn't let 85 degree temps get in the way of fun!

                                                                           - jimvid,  at

Please continue to send your photos of Brooklyn Bumblebee to:

                                                                                        - behaveprimitive,  on Flickr
"All parade participants were in need"

                                                                                                                                                                 - Mansing,  on Flickr
"This barrier seems stable...the parade can continue as planned..."

                                              - Seth Bogdanove
"The evil Decepticons could be anywhere...I must remain vigilant!"

                                                                                        - see katie draw!,  on Flickr
"A whirlwind of artistic expression & creativity...I must stay focused!"

                                                    -,  on Flickr
"Aaarrggh...I'd better closely monitor my engine's temperature..."

                                                                                                      - locke,  on Flickr
"Is there a problem here?   Let me check it out...closely..."

 The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is a blast!
This is where Brooklyn RobotWorks was born!

                                                                                                               - Mark Ko

                                                                                             - Ruvi Leider,  on Flickr

                                                                                                    - dhyatt,  on Flickr
"My mission is secret.   I will have to confiscate your cameras!"

- AnubisAbyss,  on Flickr
"Is my license plate centered?"

                                       - Whiskeygonebad,  on Flickr
"Look,  a quarter!"

                                   - Irene Ng + Irfanview filtering

                                                       - Sandy Chi,  on Flickr
"Approaching stasis-lock,  despite everyone's water...Boardwalk mission aborted..."
I was at redline!

                                                      - NY Post
Not bad for an old man,  a human!
Actually,  I trained for this like it was a kinda was.
A special THANKS to FDNY EMS Unit 43V,  and event staffer John L.

This was Bumblebee version 1 during the wet & wild 2009 Mermaid Parade.
I was starting to manipulate plastic,  using household items...I knew that I wanted to go full-robot.
Constant comments about the 'Brooklyn' license plate - a minor detail - really got me thinking...
'Brooklyn' became my brand,  my company!
...see,  you never know where something minor can take you...

Brooklyn-Bee also protected the Spring 2011 'Wizard World' Big Apple Comic Con

                                                                                       - Alan Camuto,

"Please feel free to download - and spread - any photos you like.    It's all fine by me."


Brooklyn Bumblebee returned for the 2013 Mermaid Parade!

                                                                                                                        - poppyott,  on Flickr

Once again,  it was HOT with full sun!
Version 4 weighs 144 lbs.,  so I kept the helmet & neck off and carried 4 lbs. of water.

                                                                                                                                                                                          - Steven_C
"Transformer Man"
The Mermaid Parade is still an amazing experience for me.
Thousands of close interactions,  a whirlwind for the senses,  chaotic & at all times dangerous.
All compressed into a short time.

                                                                                                                          - David Medeiros

I can't wait until next year!

A quick post-project sketch...

While designing & building,  I put nothing on paper.   I do it all in my head.

  Listen to the music of Styles of Beyond

                                                                                                                - Carlos A. Smith

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