Brooklyn Bumblebee

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"I wish to stay with...the humans in Brooklyn"

May 2013                                                                    - Carlos A. Smith Photography,  on Facebook

Please send your photos of Brooklyn Bumblebee to:
They'll travel The WorldWide Web for all
Earthlings & aliens to see!

March 2011                                                                      - Eileen Zolkos

Support freedom and democracy worldwide.
Inspire others.
Long Live The Web!

May 2013                                                                         - Carlos A. Smith

The Brooklyn RobotWorks team is available
private and corporate parties,  promotional events,  festivals
and parades,  photo & video shoots,  or any situation where
you wish to create lasting memories.
You won't believe your eyes!

May 2013                                                                                                                                              - Carlos A. Smith

This all started with a quip,  became a hobby,  then my art,
and is now my fulltime business.   The team is known around the world!
You've probably never hired a robot performer before - never even heard
of such a thing - so keep an open mind,  and consider it for your  next event.
Contact me so we can discuss how I can help your event to succeed.
My team of robots will help you to create a lasting,  memorable experience.
-Peter Kokis     c.  718 219-1249
Meet the team:


Brooklyn Bumblebee
is not alone on Earth.
Brooklyn Optimus Prime leads,  protects,  and entertains.

                                                          - Beth Brown,


He came to destroy.   He stayed to protect and entertain.

                                                                     - Beth Brown


None tougher,  a hero lives on!

                                                                                 - Alan Camuto


The future is here...

                                                               - Alan Camuto


Evil never looked so good!

  - Beth Brown


Hunt.   Feed.   Spawn.   Entertain.

                                                                             - Beth Brown


He's cancelled the apocalypse,  so let's have some fun!

                                                                                                             - Beth Brown


Live.   Entertain.   Repeat.

                                            - Alan Camuto

There are no limits.    This is my art.
I offer experiences.    Do something different.
You won't believe your eyes!

The team is on Facebook:

Alan Camuto Photography & Design:

Beth Brown Photography:

To all of our troops fighting for freedom:
"Thank you,  all of you.   You honor us with your bravery."
Return home safe,  and soon!

March 2011                            - Eileen Zolkos

Many more missions and adventures are planned,
so be on the lookout...for robots!

May 2011                                                                                     - Aisha Joseph

See you again soon.    Sunshine-only, please!

                                                                                  - Robert Zuckerman

 Arrival to Earth:  composed by Steve Jablonsky,
and  performed by artist UKpiano


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