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Brooklyn Bumblebee Traveling:  Missions far from home...

Brooklyn Bumblebee will be protecting Comic Cons,
art shows & festivals,  and parades across the Northeast.
Do you need protection for your event?

The 2012 Philadelphia Comic Con

                                             - Peter Tisserand

                                                           - Jus Lokee

                                                                                                                                                                                         - Eric Moran

                                                                        - Jus Lokee

This all started - as a joke - in Coney Island in 2007...

                                                                - unknown photographer

then,  something more in 2008...

                       - the perfectionist Ira Monko

and an idea took hold in 2009...

                                  - the genius Pablo 57 / Pablo Jonsey,  on Flickr

and fate had yielded its reward in 2010...

                                                                                       - the visionary Eileen Zolkos

and an 'old friend' returned in 2011,  better than ever...

                          - the always-brilliant Eileen Zolkos

as did his leader,  upgraded and ready for action!

             - cool-as-could-be Alan Camuto,

and they are not alone...

                                                              - Beth Brown

None tougher!

                                                                     - diving-for-cover Alan Camuto

Yikes,  run!

                                                                   - Beth Brown,

The future is here...

                                                               - Carlos A. Smith

Big Bot keeps getting better!

                                                                                                                                                        - Beth Brown

So be on the lookout...for more robots!

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